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迎新日 2015 , 精彩内容包括:
全校唯一singing performance
熱血campus run
Mass games

歡迎大家加入科大呢個大家庭,係咪好期待傳聞已久既迎新活動呢?呢緊8月18日就係我地UChoir 既Orientation Day 2015 啦,我地已經準備好最好玩既遊戲同最warm最溫馨既組巴媽 ,仲有獨家singig performance添,喜歡音樂同唱歌既你一定要萬勿錯過。我地會係registration day 擺counter接受報名,大家認住「合唱」兩隻字就搵到我地架啦。 大家都可以在以下網址報名…/1zU4HLo6xQ8K2gz5XebDgVL…/viewform….
If you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us through email

The University Choir Orientation Day 2015
Welcome to HKUST! Are you looking forward to your ideal U-life? The University Choir (U Choir), HKUSTSU, will hold an exciting O’ Day for you to find out more about UST and connect with other UChoir members and new students. In our O’ Day, we will have campus run, mass games, singing performance by our executive committee members and many more interesting activities!
Details of O’ Day are as follows: Date: 18/8/2013 (TUE) Time: 12:00 - 22:00 Fee: $90 (including T-shirt, dinner and gift pack)
To sign up, please fill in the Online Application Form in the link below:…/1zU4HLo6xQ8K2gz5XebDgVL…/viewform…

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through email ( We are looking forward to seeing you in our O’ Day!.

Contact Info

Mailbox: Mailbox #82, Student
Centre HKUSTSU, Clear Water Bay

Facebook Page: @hkustchoir